Suki Violet Su
Graphic | 3D Motion | Photography | Art direction


NYC-based Visual Artist, Suki Violet Su.

Born in Shenzhen, China. As an eastern surrealist, she committed to presenting different media and multi-dimensional visual connections, exploring domain boundaries, and embedding personal visual language.

Her works incorporate 3D digital art, graphic design, photography, and conceptual films.



- 2013.9 - 2017.6
  Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology/Visual Communication BFA
  北京服裝學院/視覺傳達  本科

- 2016.1 - 2016.6
  University of Southampton, UK /Graphic Design Exchange 
  英國南安普敦/平面設計 交换生

- 2017.9 - 2019.6 
  New York Institute of Technology/Computer Graphic MFA
  紐約理工大學/计算机平面設計 碩士



MAC Cosmetics, Pepsi, Adidas, Tencent, Instyle Magazine,
Dave & Buster, New York Public Library, Ford Mustang, Converse,
Target, China Television Network, Modernsky, Centrum, Casper,
1800 Tequila, The McKittrick Hotel.

百事可乐,阿迪达斯,腾讯,纽约公共图书馆, 福特野馬
塔吉特,戴宝式,善存, 卡斯珀 ,1800龙舌兰,  MAC


Li Tang


Yangtze Nanjing Contemporary Art Fair, China, 2020 Oct
  南京扬子当代艺术博览会 2020
- Anaya Poster Festival, China, 2020 Oct
  阿纳亚海报节 2020 
- NO Theater, Guangzhou China, 2020
  不在放映厅 广州站 2020